Chiaretto’s Origins
1806 first document

The first document dealing with Chiaretto in its region was an Italian Vocabolary printed in 1806 in Verona

1896 vineyard on Lake Garda

In 1896 Pompeo Molmenti, a lawyer who had a vineyard on Lake Garda, experienced the rosé vinification technique he learned in France

1968 DOC status

In 1968 Bardolino Chiaretto was one of the first Italian wines to receive DOC status, in recognition of its historic tradition

2014 Rosé Revolution

The Rosé Revolution started in 2014, giving the wine a very pale pink colour and more aromatic and floral notes

2018 Chiaretto di Bardolino

In 2018 Bardolino Chiaretto’s producers decided to change the DOC name into Chiaretto di Bardolino for the future